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Network Solutions

Robust and reliable network infrastructure is the backbone of efficient communication and productivity. Whether you’re setting up a home office, upgrading your business network, or enhancing your residential connectivity, our professional WiFi, Ethernet, and fiber installation services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

WIFI Networks

WiFi installation brings the convenience of wireless connectivity to your fingertips. Our experts are well-versed in deploying WiFi networks that cover every corner of your space, providing you with the freedom to connect and collaborate effortlessly. Key features of our WiFi installation services include:

Comprehensive Site Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your space to identify optimal router placement and signal coverage. This analysis ensures minimal dead zones and maximum signal strength.

Advanced Equipment

We utilize the latest WiFi technology, including high-performance routers and access points, to deliver fast and reliable connections for all your devices.

Secure Network Configuration

Security is our priority. We configure robust encryption protocols and implement best practices to safeguard your WiFi network against unauthorized access.

WIFI Access Point Options

Ubiquiti’s indoor wireless solutions are aesthetically pleasing and are suited for use in most environments, be it in the business or at home. The range includes desktop access points as well as in-wall and ceiling-mount access points. All the ceiling and in-wall access points are managed through Ubiquiti’s UniFi Network Application. Here you will also find the Ubiquiti Amplifi Mesh devices for multi-hop, self-healing wireless coverage and enhanced range.
  • Ceiling Mount

    High-performance, ceiling-mounted WiFi 6E access point designed to provide seamless, multi-band coverage within high-density client environments
  • In-Wall

    Sleek, wall-mounted WiFi 6E access points with an integrated four-port switch designed for high-density office networks.
  • Outdoor

    Sleek, indoor/outdoor WiFi 6 access point designed for mesh applications.
  • Mega Capacity

    Quad-radio, 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a high-performance beamforming antenna designed to support large venues and high-density networks.
  • Building Bridge

    A 60 GHz wireless point-to-point bridge with 10G SFP+ uplink for maximum performance.

    Ethernet Networks & Cabling

    Ethernet installation is the go-to choice for those who demand unwavering speed and stability. Our Ethernet solutions provide a seamless wired network experience, ideal for gaming, streaming, and data-intensive tasks. Our Ethernet installation services encompass:

    Professional Cable Routing

    Our technicians expertly route Ethernet cables through your space, minimizing cable visibility while ensuring optimal connectivity to every device.

    High-Quality Cabling

    We use top-tier Ethernet cables, such as Cat6, Cat6a & Cat7 to deliver high-speed data transmission and reduced signal interference

    Network Switches and Configuration

    For larger installations, we deploy network switches strategically, ensuring efficient data flow and minimal latency

    Ethernet Network Options

    MikroTik’s range of switches include 10Gbps, Gigabit, Fast Ethernet and QSFP, SFP+ or SFP options offering both ROS and SwOS. The switch range includes PoE switches which provide either 802.3af/at or Passive PoE output. Some of the features offered on the Mikrotik range of switches include VLAN, POE, MAC filtering and port mirroring.
    • POE Switches

    • Routers & Switches